Asset Manager Solutions

Future-proof your business with a solution suite built to cover the entire investment management process.

Advent Data Solutions

  • Data Management

Our range of data solutions deliver accurate custodial, corporate actions, and benchmark data directly into your portfolio management and trading platforms — when and how you need it.

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Advent Genesis

  • Trading, Rebalancing & Compliance

Scale your business with a cloud-based portfolio construction and rebalancing solution.

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Advent Outsourcing Services

  • Outsourcing
  • Reconciliation & Workflow Management

With Advent Outsourcing Services, you have the flexibility to customize a wide range of specific solutions and services designed to meet your unique needs.

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Advent Portfolio Exchange

  • Portfolio Management Accounting & Reporting

Increase efficiency with APX, a centralized and scalable platform for all your portfolio, relationship, and prospect data.

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  • Client Portal

A portal solution for clients and advisors alike, to redefine your client relationships and help you thrive on client engagement.

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Black Diamond Link for APX and Axys

  • Client Portal
  • Trading, Rebalancing & Compliance

Black Diamond Link leverages key features of the Black Diamond Wealth Platform to help elevate your client conversations.

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Black Diamond Wealth Platform

  • Outsourcing
  • Portfolio Management Accounting & Reporting
  • Trading, Rebalancing & Compliance
  • Client Portal

Drive profitability, efficiencies and grow your business with Black Diamond Wealth Platform as the hub of your advisory business.

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Geneva for Asset Managers

  • Fund Accounting
  • Portfolio Management Accounting & Reporting

Grow your business with a core portfolio management solution designed to remove operational barriers.

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  • Trading, Rebalancing & Compliance

With capabilities spanning portfolio modelling through to trade creation, execution, confirmation, allocation and settlement, Moxy® seamlessly improves operational efficiency.

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  • Client Relationship Management

Salentica equips you with a powerful and integrated CRM that enables RIAs and wealth managers to anticipate clients’ needs and take action.

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  • Fund Order Management

With Tradex, you can manage high transaction volumes with less effort, launch and distribute funds more quickly and improve client service.

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Complementary Solutions

Explore all of our additional solutions for asset managers

Advent Corporate Actions

Benefit from advanced knowledge of corporate actions; reduce risk of manual errors with automated transactions.

Advent Custodial Data

Access timely and consolidated account-level information from a growing network of portfolio data sources.

Advent Index Data

Automate receipt of index performance data at the security and sector level, directly into Advent Portfolio Exchange.

Advent Lumis

Streamline the data management process from acquisition to reporting.

Advent Market Data

Integrate your market data sources seamlessly in the cloud.

Advent Portfolio Data

Gain greater access to portfolio data sources, additional instrument coverage and automated downloads upon data availability.

Advent Professional Services

Maximize the value of your tech investment with end-to-end implementation support, training, business and operational process reviews, and migrations.

Advent Revenue Center

Streamline billing and revenue management workflows.

Advent Rules Manager

Eliminate manual labor and improve accuracy with a comprehensive solution for pre- and post-trading compliance.


Increase productivity with an easy-to-use, turnkey portfolio reporting and accounting solution.


Differentiate your business with a robes client portal that integrates seamlessly with your current system.

Tamale RMS

Centralize you research activities, organize an escalating volume of research data and improve your due diligence.