Product Brief

Advent Genesis

Optimize portfolio management

Investor preferences and demands of their managers are continuously evolving. Investment managers must make decisions quickly and accurately, while still offering the personalization and customization that investors are looking for. This calls for technology built around the needs of the portfolio management team. That solution is Advent Genesis.

Allocating new capital, raising cash and regular rebalancing of portfolios are essential parts of portfolio management, but too often they consume too much of the portfolio manager’s time that could be better spent on more strategic activity.


Advent Genesis is a solution that dramatically streamlines key portfolio management processes and integrates them seamlessly into your trade lifecycle. It is a highly scalable, cloud-based portfolio management solution designed to work in concert with SS&C Advent’s trading and compliance solution. Comprised of powerful front office tools and intuitive dashboards, it provides summarized views of portfolio data, highlighting where attention is needed most, focusing on drift, cash management, and trading activity.


Designed for the front office
Advent Genesis is designed to help portfolio managers make timely, informed trading decisions, create trades efficiently and send them through to execution easily. With this, the portfolio management team achieves greater productivity, accomplishing more in the workday with less effort. Advent Genesis frees managers from the “mechanics” of portfolio management so they can focus on strategies and results. And as a cloud-based platform, it’s available anytime and anywhere. Whether your firm manages institutional assets, individual wealth or some combination of the two, Advent Genesis helps close workflow gaps between the order creation process and trading, eliminating the need for offline workarounds, driving greater efficiency and reducing operational risk. It also offers the flexibility and scalability to accommodate account growth, as well as expansion into new markets, new regions and new lines of business.


Save time with exception management
Advent Genesis relieves you of the tedious, labor-intensive process of running and analyzing reports from multiple systems to determine your daily cash and rebalancing requirements. A dashboard surfaces critical, actionable information showing your cash obligations, which accounts need to be rebalanced and which portfolios are drifting off strategy. So you can start the day managing by exception instead of having to review each account manually.

Increase efficiency and accuracy in rebalancing

Advent Genesis streamlines the rebalancing of accounts against model portfolios, from straightforward to very complex models and sleeve structures. Integrated with SS&C Advent’s trade order management and compliance solution, built-in trade restriction settings helps ensure that proposed rebalancing adjustments are in line with portfolio strategies and client mandates. Session sharing and summary capabilities enable portfolio managers to collaborate on the rebalancing process with assistants, and simply review and approve their work, or edit trades manually if necessary. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of portfolios, you can rebalance them all in just minutes.

Broad asset and regional coverage

Advent Genesis enables you to rebalance portfolios investing in a broad mix of asset classes on a multi-currency platform, including but not limited to equities, fixed income, ETFs and mutual funds.

The future of portfolio management
In an industry where market conditions change fast and competition is fierce, investment managers need efficient means to turn investment strategies and decisions into action. Firms need to be agile to keep up and get ahead, and so does their technology stack. Our ability to deliver innovative solutions to complex portfolio management challenges is rooted in the state-of-the-art cloud-based architecture of Advent Genesis. Its infrastructure is scalable, flexible, reliable, and secure. New releases are delivered on a weekly basis, to ensure that new functionality can be adopted fast and effortless. Our clients also benefit from tailored onboarding and ongoing support, so you can rest assured that your portfolio management team get value out of Advent Genesis right from the start, and for the life of your business.

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Product Brief
Advent Genesis