Product Brief

Advent Market Data

Integrate your market data sources seamlessly in the cloud.

Advent Market Data provides a single, cloud-based platform with connectivity to several leading global market data sources, allowing Advent Portfolio Exchange® to seamlessly acquire critical data for managing your portfolios. Firms using Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) rely on a range of market data from a variety of external sources. For relatively simple tasks such as securities pricing or more complex tasks like compliance, access to timely and reliable data is essential. Requirements may include end-of-day prices, foreign exchange rates, security reference data, or cash dividend transactions, just to name a few.

Multiple sources, one platform
Historically, each data source has required its own dedicated interface, resulting in a maze of connections that must be managed and maintained, adding risk, complexity, and cost to your firm. And they are typically limited in the data they make available to APX.

Advent Market Data (AMD) is changing that. AMD provides you with a single, cloud-based platform with connectivity to several leading global market data sources, allowing APX to seamlessly acquire critical data for managing your portfolios. As a cloud-based solution, AMD delivers these capabilities quickly and helps reduce the overhead associated with separately installed interfaces.

Faster, easier, more efficient data access
Spend less time collecting and compiling data and more time putting it to effective use. AMD enables you to:

Increase operational efficiency

  • Cloud-based AMD allows you to connect to a single platform to acquire content from universally recognized sources of mission critical market data
  • Streamline the processing, collection, and normalization of data to be used in APX
  • AMD’s extensibility allows for a wider range of data acquisition versus interfaces that have a fixed set of fields and data elements


Reduce technology costs and risks

  • Reduce the cost and effort associated with locally installed software
  • Gain faster access to new data sources through an ever-expanding cloud-based solution
  • Reduce the risk of disruptions resulting from providers changing data formats or technology updates. SS&C Advent updates the connectivity in the cloud


Benefits of Advent Market Data

  • Single platform of multiple data sources
  • Data sources simultaneously update downstream systems like APX
  • Rich in data elements not previously available
  • Flexibility mapping and adding Security Information codes
  • Reduces costs and risks
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Cloud delivery reduces additional infrastructure and internal maintenance
  • Seamless integration dramatically reduces the risk of data errors compared to manual data entry or outdated P2P solutions
  • Reduces disruptions caused by data sources making technology changes


A global data provider network
AMD builds on our long history of delivering the high-value data our clients depend on. Through a single connection, AMD provides you with access to leading global providers of market data and their content, including but not limited to:

Leading data sources 

  • Bloomberg
  • ICE Data Services
  • Refinitiv
  • Stamdata


Critical content

  • End-of-day and historical prices
  • Intra-day prices
  • Security information
  • FX and forward FX
  • Performance index rates
  • Base rates
  • Mortgage paydown factors
  • Dividends and splits


Cash dividend transactions
The AMD cash dividend feature downloads cash dividend and capital gain distributions for a security (stocks, mutual funds, ADRs, ETFs) from Bloomberg and adds the relevant transactions into the APX blotter. This includes both historic and current gross and net dividends. Dividend accruals are supported in blotter transactions.

Who we are
Advent, a business unit of SS&C, is helping over 4,300 investment firms in more than 50 countries—from established global institutions to small start-up practices—to grow their business and thrive. Delivering unparalleled precision and ahead-of-the-curve solutions for more than 30 years, we help firms minimize risk, work together seamlessly with our clients, and help shape the future of investment management.


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Product Brief
Advent Market Data