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Advent Revenue Center

Comprehensive invoicing and revenue management. Advent Revenue Center helps firms maximize revenue, increase efficiencies, and reduce risks and errors.

Advent Revenue Center is Advent’s comprehensive solution for streamlining billing and revenue management workflows. Specifically designed for investment managers who charge fees based on portfolio valuation, it helps firms define and manage complex fee structures, automate the production of invoices and debit letters, and generate forecasts and reports. Advent Revenue Center helps firms maximize revenue, increase efficiencies, and reduce risks and errors.

Invoicing automation dramatically increases efficiency
Firms that use Advent Revenue Center report significant gains in productivity: often they can reduce end-of-period processes from weeks to days or from days to hours, depending on the size of the firm. Advent Revenue Center streamlines the workflows of defining and managing fee structures, invoicing rules and revenue sharing agreements. By centralizing and securing all rules, relationships and receivables history within a single solution, you can be sure that everyone in the firm is using the same, correct data—whether they’re reviewing fees with clients, calculating revenue shares, reconciling custodial debits or producing reports for management.

Invoice styler allows for custom-branded look and feel
Now, Advent Revenue Center not only improves accuracy and speeds production of invoices, but it also allows you to present invoices in the way that best represents your firm. With the new invoice styler, you can adjust and configure virtually every element of the invoice to your liking, with flexibility in type fonts, colors and backgrounds. Take control of the appearance of your invoices without having to rely on Advent for custom report creation styling.

Easier data sharing with Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX)
Advent Revenue Center has been enhanced to further streamline the exchange of data with Advent Portfolio Exchange. APX users can pull contact information directly from APX into Advent Revenue Center, without having to do an extract and import. This saves time, reduces manual intervention, and assures consistency of client data between your portfolio management and revenue management systems. With seamless integration to Advent’s portfolio accounting solutions and a centralized platform for your firm’s revenue management information, your data will be secure and your automated calculations will be accurate. More security, fewer workarounds and less manual effort all contribute to reducing operational risks.

Forecasting helps maximize revenues
With Advent Revenue Center’s forecasting capabilities, you can create run rates at any point during the billing cycle. Powerful forecasting functionality enables you to anticipate future revenue under a variety of “what if” scenarios. And forecasting can easily be part of your everyday processes in Advent Revenue Center; you develop forecasts with the same workflow and data you use to produce invoices or calculate payouts. By using a familiar process, with your actual data, you’re assured of consistency and accuracy in your projections.

Revenue-sharing tools streamline workflows
The invoicing process, in which you calculate and then collect the fees due from clients, is only one part of a more complicated period-end workflow. Many firms also share a portion of their fee revenue with other parties such as consultants or other professionals who refer business. Maintaining up-to-date records of revenue-sharing agreements and calculating payouts can be complicated. Advent Revenue Center eliminates the need for manual record keeping and automatically calculates payout shares according to your agreements.

Enhanced multicurrency capabilities
If you have clients who prefer to be billed in another currency, regardless of where their assets are domiciled, Advent Revenue Center solves this requirement. You can easily import and store foreign exchange rates from APX, Axys, or Geneva® to generate accurate invoicing in any currency you choose. In addition, for clients who need to calculate regional tax, or break out fees by manager versus tax being collected, Advent Revenue Center can automate these calculations.

Maintain archives and audit trails for compliance
Advent Revenue Center is built on a Microsoft SQL Server platform, enabling efficient and secure storage of invoices and historical data for a detailed audit. The ability to mask account numbers is available for firms that need to comply with state or client requirements. For routine government audits and larger exams, Advent Revenue Center allows you to easily comply with requests to produce historical fee calculations and invoices.

Flexible options to meet your needs
Advent Revenue Center is the single solution that can help you across all your revenue management workflows. As part of the Advent suite, it works in conjunction with Advent’s industry-leading portfolio management and accounting engines—APX, Axys, and Geneva. And Advent Revenue Center is available through a choice of deployment options, either as an on-site installation or in the cloud. No matter what you choose, Advent professionals will be available to assist and ensure you get the most out of Advent Revenue Center.

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Product Brief
Advent Revenue Center